WhatsApp is known to be the most popular messaging app all over the globe and it can be accessed on most of the various mobile platforms. It supports Java, iOS, Blackberry and Nokia features. It boasts of having 750 million active users scattered all over the globe – and still comes first among the rest. The recent introduction of WhatsApp Web has added more exciting features to this amazing messaging app. Now its users can utilize the service in their PC or desktop or any other gadgets that support Chrome browser. When you download free WhatsApp messenger for pc, it permits you to share and send messages with your phone as well as on your PC. Therefore, you are able to view and enjoy the features on a bigger screen.

WhatsApp web actually works on any gadgets which have the ability to run chrome related browsers like Opera and Google Chrome. So if you wish to operate WhatsApp on your PC then you must install these browsers on your device. WhatsApp web only allows you to view your chat on a bigger screen. Due to the fact that it runs on the internet browser, you are not faced or encountering the issue of compatibility with various devices. But your smartphone must also have an internet connection at that specific period. This implies that the WhatsApp Web will not run unless you connect your smartphone to the internet. So, your phone must have an active internet connection for it to work.

WhatsApp Web does not allow the creation of a new account and therefore it cannot be considered as a standalone app. The main purpose of creating this application is to enhance the clarity of the chat by viewing it on a bigger screen. So if you have a desktop or laptop, you can now enjoy your chat by viewing it on a bigger screen with the use of a dedicated keyboard. If you are tired of using those small keyboards in your mobile device to chat, this WhatsApp web will permit you to use the dedicated keyboards on your PC for more clarity.

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