Pickup trucks can be considered as practical vehicles, but there is nothing beneficial about the rattling and loosening of tools in the bed, causing damages to one another and the truck. There is nothing beneficial about abandoning expensive tools in the outdoor, exposed to adverse weather and theft. A tool box for your truck helps solve all these issues by providing an enclosed region where gear stays unmovable and locked up.

There are numerous varieties of truck tool boxes, designed for various truck brands and various purposes. For instance, the size and the mounting design of the box determine the amount of space remaining in the truck bed, which then affects both the size and kind of cargo the truck can convey. If you are shopping for this tool, you should know the various mounting designs available as well as understand how to choose the right toolbox that suits your needs.

Mounting Styles

Mounting styles can be described as the attachment of the toolbox to the truck; you have to find out how the attachment is connected to the truck, and it is wise to take this into consideration because of its effect on the rest of the truck bed. Below is a list of some of the most common kinds of mounting styles;


Attaches itself to the back of the cab; with its size covering the entire length of the truck; positioned on the bed’s sides and does not have an extension to the floor, leaving behind a bed space. It comes in a simple and standard design; at a low-cost; permits storage space underneath the toolbox.


Attaches directly to the back of the cab positioned on the surface of the truck bed; does not expand above the bedsides. Can attach itself to a tonneau shield; does not block the rear view but it tends to have a significant impact on the available floor space.


Fasten itself to a side rail; could attach to the rail or a pair could be fixed, to one of the two sides; but has no extension to the floor. It only utilizes little space and can be easily accessed when positioned to the truck.

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