1. When did the festival start

The first Ocho Rios Jazz Festival took place in 1991. During the first year, it was only a one-day event. However, since then the event has been expanded to about one week. It includes a lot of various events throughout the festival. Even though the jazz festival is over 25 years old it’s still a popular event that many people throughout the region and world event.

  1. What kinds of events are held?

The jazz festival includes many events. There are traditional concerts by jazz musicians and bands. These are ones that you won’t want to miss. The opening and closing event include many performers and will make the festival enjoyable.

However, there are other events that are less “traditional.” They include a jazz brunch and jam session, and others. These events are less formal but they’re still great ways to appreciate the art form. What’s important is to make sure you attend all of the events you want to see. It will help to provide a better experience and make the jazz festival one you won’t soon forget.

  1. What are the admission fees?

There are several events during the Ocho Rios festival. Some of the events are free while others are quite pricey. However, they’ll all be exciting if you’re a jazz fan. Make sure to review the itinerary for the yearly event and determine which events you want to attend. You might even consider attending the pricier ones if they’re events that you feel that you definitely have to attend.

  1. Who will perform at the festival?

Ocho Rios includes performers from different regions. They include local jazz artists from Jamaica and Caribbean. You can also watch international musicians perform. What’s great about the event is that there are many performers but they’ll all help you to enjoy and appreciate jazz music.

Make sure to review the festival’s schedule. You might find some of your favorite jazz musicians scheduled to perform at the festival. If that’s the case then the event will be even better since you’ll have the chance to watch your favorite jazz musicians perform.

Even if you don’t recognize some names on the schedule you should still consider attending their events. The reason is that it will give you a better appreciation for jazz. Not only that but there’s a chance you might even have a new favorite jazz musician or band.

  1. Where will the event be held?

The main location will be the city of Ocho Rios. However, there will be other events throughout the country that are linked to the jazz festival. These will help to make the event even better.

If you’re visiting Jamaica for vacation this is a great chance to see different cities in the country. That will make your experience even better. That’s because you’ll have the ability to visit the places and enjoy the best they have to offer. That will help to improve your overall experience.

These are some of the FAQs you should be aware of before attending the jazz festival.