You may be thinking that jazz can only be found in the United States. If you are a very open-minded person, you may be even thinking that fusion jazz can be found all over the world. However, if you think about it, jazz is more of a mindset. It really is. It’s all about improvised music and enjoying yourself in the moment.

You need to keep this in mind because if that is your definition of jazz, then it can pretty much apply to any musical form. Here at Ocho Rios Jazz, we feature what’s so awesome about jazz in Jamaica. Ocho Rios Jazz is annual jazz festival held in Jamaica, and it really speaks to the power of multicultural experiences.

It’s something they start in Jamaica like reggae and then find its way to the Philippines, and it becomes truly a Filipino form of reggae. The same applies to Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, you name it. Isn’t culture awesome?

Kim Dao, a video blogger at YouTube, highlights the global multicultural excellence of video blogging. You may think that you’re just shooting a video of you talking about your favorite subject. You’d be surprised as to how many people can relate. You’d be surprised as to the authentic community that starts to grow around your content.

That’s how awesome YouTube is because as long as people have an Internet connection, they can pretty much view any kind of content on YouTube as long as it’s set to public. Isn’t that amazing?

So, if you are looking to expand your cultural horizons, definitely check out Kim Dao. She is amazing because she is a foreigner living in Japan talking about beauty topics. Her life, in of itself, is a multicultural journey.

There are many different layers of identities that people possess and seeing all these explored in a very fun, open-minded and exciting way truly is a global spectacle. We love that stuff because we see ourselves in how all that unfolds and how everything intersects with each other because, hey, let’s be honest here, if you are really look enough, there are more things that unite people than divide them.

Sure, we have different appearances. We come from different parts of the world. We definitely only speak different languages but, deep down inside, we have the same needs, and these needs are translated into a wide range of solutions.

That, my friend, is the definition of culture. If you were to slice and dice that, mix and match that, you have yourself the global multicultural experience.

It doesn’t really matter where you live, whether you live in the tropics or in the cold tundra or somewhere in between, you are good to go. Just plug in to social media, and you will be able to see the wide tapestry and the mind-blowing diversity of the human condition.

Kim Dao really brings that to the table because her excitement, her love for life, everything is contagious because it resonates in a very deep level. If you are in any way, shape or form tuned into the human condition, you can relate.

The good news here is you can shoot your on videos and share your perspective of the world and given how YouTube is set up, you can even get paid for it. Now, isn’t that awesome?


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