If perchance, you have a facility that makes use of large amounts of grease, which could be for the re-lubrication of bearings, then opting for a cordless gun is not a bad idea. There are various re-chargeable grease guns available for purchase, you can consult or see this article on toolsinsider for more re-chargeable grease guns in the market. Below we will discuss the professional 2-speed, 14.4 cordless gun from Lincoln that provides you with the necessary power to have anything lubricated and anywhere and anytime.

Below are some of the features the gun offers:

  1. A cycle indicator pin incorporated to monitor the grease output
  2. A Dual speed switch which allows high volume or high-pressure output
  3. An intelligent charging system for reliable power

Furthermore, the gun has a comfortable grip and a balanced design. Also incorporated is the coupler holder, built-in hose and a hook for the shoulder strap. The gun is also equipped with a convenient and slim carrying case.

These outstanding features of the Lincoln Powerlube have assisted it in being employed for use in various lubrication activities and preventive maintenance tasks in the fleet, trucking, and automotive industries. It is also suitable for use in construction, agriculture and other related industries.

How does the dual speed design work?

The adaptable 2-speed design allows high volumes of grease of about 10 ounces per minute at medium pressure rate to be delivered. On the other hand, for the high-pressure output of about 7500 psi, you can get a concentrated stream of lubricant. A stroke indicator is incorporated within the device to provide you with the actual idea of the total output. In fact, certain manufacturers claim that you can higher pressure of about 10,000 under controlled conditions.


Other than generating such a high output, the 14-volt battery allows technicians work for a long period right between re-charges. A smart charger accompanies the device, thus assisting in charging the battery full in less than 60 minutes. The smart charger also identifies the condition of the battery and it assists in keeping it in an excellent form.

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