Make no mistake about it great jazz music is made possible partly by great equipment. You’re probably outraged by that. You’re probably upset because you’re thinking that it’s the talent behind the equipment that makes great music. I would agree with you but if you were to take Myles Davis and you give him a little kid’s trumpet, try as he might, he’s not going to produce the very best music he’s capable of producing. That’s just not going to happen.

Equipment does count for a lot, and this is the key takeaway at the Hvacify blog. Seriously. Regardless of what kind of problem you’re trying to solve, whether you’re dealing with vacuuming ash or you need some sort of furnace-related equipment, you need the right equipment.

A lot of people think that this is just a matter of finding the right brand. You might be thinking that they need some sort of propane equipment so they go straight to the brand. They think that they need because they’re smoking and then grilling, so they look for equipment that has the right label.

I’m telling you the brand can only go so far because, believe it or not, high-quality equipment made by a particular brand is restricted by time and place.

Here’s an example. A manufacturing company cranked out the very best barbecue grills or propane equipment or ash vacuum twenty years ago. Everybody and their dog loved the product. Everybody is amazed at this model. It made that brand. It made a name for itself twenty years ago.

What do you think will happen if the same company cranked out worthless product after worthless line year after year? You still have the same brand but the quality has sunk like a rock. What will happen? Well, sadly, the brand will remain and a lot of its reputation will be stable.

Unfortunately, you’re going to be stuck with this because here you are buying a product based on brand recognition, and it turns out that all the awesome qualities that made that brand a household name no longer applies. Now, they’re cranking out substandard and all-too-forgettable equipment. Do you see how this works? So, you cannot just go with brand.

Instead, you should go with performance and results. You should go with what people say. These are people who actually use the product. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get taken in. It’s too easy to let your instincts get the best of you and, unfortunately, money is all too easy to waste. I don’t say this to you to degrade or insult big-name brands, but this is the reality. So, look beyond the brand, and look beyond the label.

Don’t get stuck on brands. Focus on how a model works right here right now. Don’t fall for the fumes of a dying brand. Some companies are actually shells of their former selves. They did well in the past but are currently just limping along.

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