If you are trying to thoroughly enhance your skills in playing League of Legends, you should consider buying a smurf account. Smurf accounts are relatively cheap, and there are various legitimate websites that you can find out there that sells these kinds of accounts. Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy if you tend to buy lol account.

Allows you to play a new champion

Most of the players tend to buy a smurf account because they wanted to play a newly-released champion. If you do not want to damage your current ELO and reputation, then you should start practicing how to play a new champion that you are planning to buy.

In that way, you will get to know how it feels like using this champion and learn techniques in the process. You can’t expect other players to be gentle with you considering the fact that you are not still used with your new champion. They will definitely take advantage of you and will kill you in order to win the match.

Play a different role

If your team is planning to join a tournament and you had been assigned to play the role of the ADC even if you had been playing mid all throughout your career in League of Legends, perhaps you need a little practice first. Buying a smurf account can help you to choose a different role and practice using it in preparation for your tournament.

You will not be able to effectively play the role if you have no idea how it works from there because you had not played it before. It increases the risk of your team in losing so you better practice first.

Challenge yourself

It cannot be denied that you spent a lot of time to get you where you are now. If you want to challenge yourself by leveling up in just a short amount of time, you should considerbuying a smurf account so that you can start from scratch. In that way, you will be able to test the limit of your abilities by playing few matches only. Considering the fact that you have picked up some abilities all throughout your career, it is possible for you to achieve your goal in doing so.

Play with your friends

If you can’t play with your friends because you are already a Diamond and they are still in bronze, you can simply buy a smurf account and have fun playing with them. In that way, you will be able to bond with your friends and teach them in the process. It can be more fun playing with real life friends than strangers from all around the world.

If you want to learn more tips if you are planning to buy lol account, you can visit various websites that offer guidelines to do so. Take Ocho Rios Jazz, for example, it is all about the annual festival in Jamaica yet their blogs offer a wide variety of topics including tips in League of Legends.

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